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Transatlantic Media Fellowship

Research shows that Americans are more willing to be involved in world affairs than they have been for a very long time. Americans are becoming aware that a leading role of the US in the world is important to their security and to their prosperity and increasingly, for their freedom.

By Adam L. Reichardt

NATO Summit in Warsaw – the Polish perspective

What are strategic expectations of Member States to be addressed during the forthcoming Summit in Warsaw? Which major challenges will it face? What marks the Polish position vis-a-vis NATO and EU issues? Analysis by former Polish diplomat Piotr Łukasiewicz.

By Piotr Łukasiewicz

Sustainable Energy Security: A Transatlantic Opportunity

Raport ukazuje powiązania między polityką zagraniczną a kwestiami bezpieczeństwa i energetyki oraz analizuje i proponuje rozwiązania w kontekście zmieniających się realiów społecznych, politycznych i ekonomicznych po obu stronach Atlantyku.


The European Election in Germany


This E-Paper analyse the results of the European Election in Germany and the specific impacts on national politics and the competition between the parties in Germany.

A Local Turn for European Refugee Politics


In this policy paper “A Local Turn for European Refugee Politics” the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung puts forward proposals for a more active role of the municipalities in refugee and asylum policy.

What Is at Stake in the 2019 European Election?


The upcoming European election in 2019 might bring about an unprecedented political earthquake, already foreshadowed four years ago, blowing away the political centre altogether. What is likely to happen in the end: the feared come-back of nationalism or is there hope for a pro-European revival?


We are frequently asked why a green foundation, which generally tends towards pacifism, deals with security policy. We understand our task is to provide a critical approach to the local and global challenges of security issues in the wider sense. We want to find space for respect for human rights, democratic control of uniformed services as well as a gender perspective in all political decisions.