Climate Change

What's at stake for COP 24?


The Katowice UN Climate Change Conference will take place in Katowice from the 3rd till the 14th of December 2018. 

By Don Lehr

Can we still make it? 1.5°C as a climate challenge.


What kind of actions are indispensable to take on by cities, regions, countries, business, societies, namely the entire international community, in order to enhance the responsibility and efficiency towards the climatic threats? How can we all take an action towards the emissions while still having the possibility of sustainable development and ensuring the poverty decrease?

By Katarzyna Ugryn

The Geoengineering Fallacy

Geoengineering technologies are not yet deployable globally, but support for them is advancing fast, thanks to backing by powerful advocates eager to start experiments. But no silver bullet for climate change exists, and we must not abandon proven methods for the sake of a promise that one will be found.

By Barbara Unmüßig

Poland again. Will they be pushing coal this time, too?

In the wake of the conclusions of the recent UN climate summit in Bonn it is worth casting an eye across the next conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Poland will be leading the negotiations for a fourth time and hosting delegates for a third. After Poznań 2008 and Warsaw 2013, Katowice’s turn has come. At the twenty-third Conference of the Parties (COP23) it was frequently heard that the talks would be returning next year to Poland, which hardly ranks among the progressives in terms of climate policy ... and the summit may once again be met with a defence of coal. Many delegates remember the coal summit which ran alongside COP19. It’s hard to forget, especially since COP24 will be taking place in the middle of Silesia, a region best known for coal mining.

By Urszula Stefanowicz

The Fiji UN Climate Summit 2017, COP23: what is at stake in Bonn?

The UN climate summit COP 23 will convene from 6 to 17 November 2017 in Bonn, Germany, under the presidency of the government of Fiji. This article provides an overview of key issues at stake and a summary of our expectations for the COP 23.

By Don Lehr, Lili Fuhr, Liane Schalatek

“We’ll always have Paris”. Assessment and implications of COP 22

At the UN’s COP 22 climate conference in Marrakech, the international community closed ranks despite (or perhaps because of?) the election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president. Thanks to its swift ratification by currently more than 110 countries, negotiations on the technical implementation of the Paris Agreement could begin. The pace must increase significantly, however, if the 1.5°C limit is still to be met.

By Lili Fuhr, Liane Schalatek, Simon Ilse


Contracts for Sustainable Infrastructure


Infrastructure is essential to the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and to the success of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Our partner IISD presents why governments must invest in sustainable infrastructure and how they can integrate sustainability into infrastructure contracts.

Climate Change

Today, everybody is aware of how much the earth’s climate is changing. We are campaigning for a global climate treaty that is to be overseen by the United Nations. At the same time, we are involved in efforts towards climate change mitigation, the financing thereof, and in ensuring  that the consequent burden be shared in an equitable manner on the local, national, and regional levels - the whole world over.

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