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European Green Deal Barometer 2024

The fourth edition of the European Green Deal Barometer, the annual survey by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), gathers sustainability experts’ views on the progress of the European Green Deal’s implementation. The 2024 EU elections are considered by sustainability experts to negatively impact the European Green Deal implementation. However, these experts believe the agenda will be maintained by the new European Commission.
Reality is always a bit further afield then the latest news On the Life and Works of Heinrich Böll

Reality is always a bit further afield then the latest news

Heinrich Böll, a renowned German author, achieved bestselling status with his poignant works. In 1972, he made history by becoming the first German writer to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature after World War II. His novels and stories, still widely studied in schools today, have earned him a place among the literary classics. However, the personal experiences and motivations that shaped Böll's writing remain lesser known. This concise introduction aims to shed light on the life and driving forces behind one of Germany's most influential post-war voices.

The 100% Renewable Energy Action Plan for the next European Commission

Policy recommendations
The climate crisis and energy price explosion have made it clear: the EU cannot afford its dependency on fossil fuels anymore. How to deal with these enormous challenges? Our 100% Renewable Action Plan for the next European Commission describes what needs to happen after the 2024 European elections to harvest the benefits of renewables.

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5th German-Polish Roundtable on the East

Despite the West’s success in maintaining solidarity with Ukraine amidst increasing war fatigue, the outcome of the war remains unclear. While anticipated political shifts in the U.S. are going to visibly impact the broader dynamics of Ukraine's NATO and EU integration, the recent election of a new government in Poland promises potential advancements in Polish-German relations. In this podcast renowned international experts discuss recent political developments and their impact on European and global security with a particular focus on the ongoing war in Ukraine. The podcast was produced in cooperation with the Jan Nowak-Jeziorański College of Eastern Europe as a part of the 5th German-Polish Round Table on Eastern Europe.