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5th German-Polish Roundtable on the East

Despite the West’s success in maintaining solidarity with Ukraine amidst increasing war fatigue, the outcome of the war remains unclear. While anticipated political shifts in the U.S. are going to visibly impact the broader dynamics of Ukraine's NATO and EU integration, the recent election of a new government in Poland promises potential advancements in Polish-German relations. In this podcast renowned international experts discuss recent political developments and their impact on European and global security with a particular focus on the ongoing war in Ukraine. The podcast was produced in cooperation with the Jan Nowak-Jeziorański College of Eastern Europe as a part of the 5th German-Polish Round Table on Eastern Europe.

#6 Ukraine needs fast reforms, not a fast track to the EU

Germany continues to support Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression and its aspirations to join the EU.

#5 Russia may not feel that it's losing

Russia is not only engaged in a conflict with Ukraine. It is also actively challenging the West and endeavoring to shape a new global order. In this pursuit, Moscow may not perceive itself as losing, on the contrary. Agnieszka Bryc from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń sheds light on the Kremlin's perspective on the war.

#4 Ukraine and EU have work to do. Accession won't be easy

Ukraine can start the formal accession talks with the European Union. However, as highlighted by Iryna Solonenko, a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Liberal Modernity, these negotiations are anticipated to be challenging and protracted.


A new opening?

A new opening?

The war on the Ukraine brought new challenges for German-Polish relations. Certainly, the change of government in Poland after the election that took place on 15th October 2023 created a new window of opportunity for a substantial rapprochement between Berlin and Warsaw. This could lead to the intensification of their cooperation in Eastern Europe, which may become a game changer for the region. Report from the V. German-Polish Roundtable in Wojnowice.
Queer in Poland: Autobiographies

Queer in Poland: Autobiographies

is the result of the contest for queer autobiographies organized in 2020. These autobiographical accounts offer insights into the experiences of individuals who identify outside of heteronormativity in Poland: their upbringing, familial dynamics, romantic relationships, and interactions with public institutions.  

Böll.Thema 2/23: Cursed Treasures

Global demand for critical and strategic raw materials is on the rise. These resources are indispensable, particularly for the transition to clean energy, but also within other industry sectors. In this issue of our Böll.Thema magazine, we provide insights into recent developments in resource extraction, the associated challenges, and, most importantly, opportunities for positive change.

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