European Agricultural Policy

The Common Agricultural Policy is one of the most important areas in which EU countries cooperate, and is allocated approximately 40% of the EU’s budget. However, in its current form, this policy is not only not responding to contemporary challenges, it is actually aggravating significant environmental and social problems. And long-term it is threatening the food sovereignty of EU countries. The Heinrich Böll Foundation is working to begin a widespread debate in Poland to discuss the prevailing agricultural model, the effects of the CAP and its need for reform. We support those voices calling for public money to go towards reinforcing ecologically, socially and economically sustainable agriculture.


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Peatland Atlas 2023

The Peatland Atlas 2023 highlights the consequences of the destruction of these unique habitats, but also the potential of wet peatlands for mitigating climate change.
Food cooperatives in the EU

Food cooperatives in the EU

The report "Food cooperatives in the EU. Lessons for Poland" presents the results of a study on the organizational solutions adopted by food cooperatives in four EU countries - Hungary, Czechia, Italy, and Spain. The second part of the report is devoted to formal and legal issues concerning the activities of food cooperatives in Poland. The report also includes recommendations on the further development of the food cooperative sector in Poland. The report was developed by Grochowska Cooperative Foundation in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw and EIT Food.

Pesticide Atlas 2022

The Pesticide Atlas raises awareness, provides comprehensive information and fosters nuanced debate around agrochemicals used for pest control. It sheds light on different aspects from scientific research, including the impact of pesticides on soils, waters, biodiversity and health, and highlights alternative models with a more stringent implementation of integrated pest management where synthetic substances are only a last resort option.