Brexit-Karte der EU

Great Britain will leave the EU. What does that mean for European Union going forward? What can be done to strengthen political unity within the Union? A commentary by Ralf Fücks.

Democracy & Human Rights


Populism stirs up emotions. This claim holds true not only in the relations between politics and society or the media,  but also in the academic community. Participant of the conference "Current Populism in Europe: Impact on the Political Landscape” reports how sources and consequences of this political phenomenon were analysed in the context of Europe's future.

Democracy must be fought for, revitalized, and renewed. Institutions, like the Heinrich Böll Foundation, have been struggling against a significant headwind. With the publication “For democracy” and this online-dossier, we analyze the state of democracy worldwide as well as the possibilities of democracy assistance.


Rządy na całym świecie podejmują drakońskie kroki, aby ograniczyć działalność organizacji społecznych. Niezależnie od stosowanych metod obserwujemy próby zakłócania pracy aktywistów i aktywistek na skalę niespotykaną od upadku komunizmu w Europie.

Energy & Climate

Raport ukazuje powiązania między polityką zagraniczną a kwestiami bezpieczeństwa i energetyki oraz analizuje i proponuje rozwiązania w kontekście zmieniających się realiów społecznych, politycznych i ekonomicznych po obu stronach Atlantyku.

Coal mine in Poland "Turów"

The first months after the Polish elections show that the new government will postpone important decisions about mining in Poland. Renewable energy may pay the price for this delay.

Energia wiatrowa, OZE w Polsce

"When Western Europe thinks about greening its electricity generation, Poland has a more basic problem of how to change people’s minds and turn them away from using dirty fuel in their homes. But Poland’s electricity market is also about to change and a lot has happened since Poland joined the European Union in 2004", states science journalist Tomasz Ulanowski.

International Politics


"We cannot quarantine ourselves from the instability that reigns south and east of Europe. Europe must strike a new balance between idealistic foreign policy and realism". The opening address by  Ralf Fücks at the  17th Annual Foreign Policy Conference

Where is the world heading and what kind of future awaits Europe? How are today’s uncertainties affecting Poland and how will we deal with them? The World in Focus is an invitation to engage in meetings and discussions on international issues.


Since the summer of 2015, Germany has been the target country for flows of refugees seeking sanctuary, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The influx of refugees has entirely dominated the political and social debate.


cover: For Democracy. The Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Engagement in the World

The present publication “For Democracy” outlines and analyzes the state of democracy worldwide as well as the possibilities of democracy assistance.

Cover Diverging Voices, Converging Policies:  The Visegrad States’ Reactions to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The annexation of Crimea and the hybrid war against Ukraine pose fundamental challenges for the European Union, especially its unanimity. Given a differing stance of the Visegrad countries, the publication analyses reactions of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic focusing on their historical experiences, public opinions, economic relations, and energy- and foreign policy.

Cover: Clear change in rhetoric, unclear change in policy. Polish foreign and European policies after 2015 parliamentary elections

The Institute of Public Affairs monitored the electoral campaign before the 2015 parliamentary elections in Poland for Eurosceptic and populist trends, focusing on ideas of Polish parties for foreign and European policy.The aim of the analysis was to describe positions of the main political forces in Poland towards the most important issues in European agenda.


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Reconnecting Europe

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The European Union is drifting apart. What can we do to reconnect citizens and EU Institutions, north and south, centre and periphery? Four bloggers from Bulgaria, Germany, Spain and the UK share their ideas.

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A comprehensive dossier on energy & climate politics, including regional analyses from international offices of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, climate finance, green economy and many more related topics.

Beijing + 20 - Dossier about actions for women's empowerment

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