European debates

6th edition of the Forum EUROPE WITH A VIEW TO THE FUTURE


Three days of intense debates, workshops, a book presentation, discovering the European heritage of the city of Gdańsk – this wide range of activities was proposed to 150 participants of the “Europe with a view to the future” Forum that took place on 28-30 May in the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk, Poland.

By Małgorzata Kopka

Dossier: Europe's future after Brexit

For the first time in the EU's history, a member state has voted to leave the European Union. In our dossier, we explore the international reactions: How are the EU member states as well as the US, Russia and Asian governments responding to the Brexit decision? What will be the implications for other EU member states and the future of the European Union?

German-Polish European Dialogue

German-Polish European Dialogue summarizes the texts posted on the German-Polish European Blog, run by WiseEuropa with the cooperation of Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw since June 2017. 

By Małgorzata Kopka

The Nightmare of the Czech Presidential Elections


Thirty years after the Velvet Revolution, the atmosphere in Czech society is poisonous. Many who followed the course of the Czech presidential elections during the past few weeks in detail must feel they are trapped in a nightmare.

By Eva van de Rakt

The world in our cities; our cities in the world


The theme of this year’s World in Focus: Warsaw International Gathering was the future, both of that big, remote world and the changes that await us in our immediate urban environment. 

By Małgorzata Kopka

German–Polish European Blog

Read further articles on the German-Polish European Blog. Here, experts from both countries present their differing outlooks on otherwise shared European values. Marek Cichocki, professor at Collegium Civitas, and Josef Janning, Director of the ECFR Berlin office, explain the sources and scale of differences in how EU principles are interpreted and warn against a lack of dialogue to address them.

By Małgorzata Kopka


Heading South - Rethinking the Eurozone


How to redesign the Eurozone in order to enhance its chances of survival?  There are many alternatives that can and should be considered. A contribution on how to change the European Union's economic policy. 

Annual Report 2016

The annual report 2016 gives an overview about the activities of the Heinrich Böll Foundation inland and overseas. It deals with European policy, democracy, human rights, international power relations, the social and environmental transformation, art and culture to mention but a few.

European debates

More Europe and a better Europe! This is the motto for our activities focused on European integration. We search for green solutions to the EU’s problems and we want to encourage active contribution to the debate about the future of the European Community. We believe that the power of the EU consists not only in the engagement of its member states, but primarily in the engagement of its citizens.