European Agricultural Policy

The Common Agricultural Policy is one of the most important areas in which EU countries cooperate, and is allocated approximately 40% of the EU’s budget. However, in its current form, this policy is not only not responding to contemporary challenges, it is actually aggravating significant environmental and social problems. And long-term it is threatening the food sovereignty of EU countries. The Heinrich Böll Foundation is working to begin a widespread debate in Poland to discuss the prevailing agricultural model, the effects of the CAP and its need for reform. We support those voices calling for public money to go towards reinforcing ecologically, socially and economically sustainable agriculture.

Meat Atlas 2021: Facts and figures about the animals we eat


There is hardly any other food that pollutes our environment and the climate as badly as meat. However, no government in the world currently has a concept of how meat consumption and production can be significantly reduced. But if the sector continues to grow as it has up to now, almost 360 million tons of meat will be produced and consumed worldwide in 2030. With ecological effects that are hard to imagine.


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Debate: Who has the power over our food?

Where is the world headed? How can citizens shape their social, economic and environmental circumstances? How can Poland make its mark on a changing Europe? Will we be able to stop the climate change? These are just some of the questions we will attempt to answer in order to better understand global problems that impact is in our daily life.

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World in Focus 2018, Debate: Who has the power over our food? - Heinrich Boell Stiftung Warszawa

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