Smart Growth – How Europe and Poland Can Benefit From the Crisis?

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The cover of Ralf Fücks' book, whose title translates into English as "Smart Growth. The Green Revolution“. Author argues for growth with nature, not against nature. Photo credit: Stephan Röhl on licence CC BY-NC 2.018 November 2013, 18.30-20.30

Bar Studio, Palace of Culture and Science
Pl. Defilad 1, Warsaw

The latest crisis has reignited the debate between advocates of economic necessity and those voicing ecological doubts over the prevailing model of growth. While the whole world is worshiping GDP indices, environmentalists warn of climate change, water shortages, and shrinking agricultural lands. It seems that the present economic model, driven by finite reserves of fossil fuels and ruthless overexploitation of natural resources, has nothing more to offer and cannot be sustained. But how to paint economic growth in green? Is there a way out of economic and ecological crises that would allow us to secure global prosperity anchored in a sustainable and balanced relationship between humans and nature? How should we navigate between the Scylla of gung-ho growth and Charybdis of the post-growth society? How can Europe contribute to and reap benefits of the “green industrial revolution”? Can Europe reinvent itself to usher in the green new world? And what would such “smart growth” mean for Poland? Heinrich Böll Foundation and European Council on Foreign Relations cordially invite you to the debate on smart growth and to seek for answers to these questions.

Ralf Fücks – President, Heinrich Böll Foundation, author of “Smart Growth. The Green Revolution”
• Representative of the Polish Ministry of Environment
Irena Pichola – Head of Sustainable Development and Responsible Business, PwC Poland
Marcin Popkiewicz – Journalist, Author of  "Świat na rozdrożu" and the portal "Ziemia na rozdrożu"

Moderator: Piotr Buras – Head of ECFR Warsaw Office

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Discussion will be held in Polish and English with simultaneous translation.

We invite you to join us for a glass of wine after the event.