Future of Europe

Seminar "Future of Europe". Nowak, Moravcsik, Subacchi, Olechowski

Refugee crisis is among serious challenges the European Union has been facing. Europe's neighbours, both in the South and East, are far from a state of socio-economic and political stability. We are witnessing a growing support for eurosceptical parties, Greece may leave the Eurozone, while the Great Britain is likely to withdraw from the EU. What will be the future of the integration project regarded as the most advanced form of international cooperation worldwide? Will the EU be successful in a world of emerging superpowers?


Various questions related to the euro zone crisis, migration crisis and the challenges posed by the changing balance of power in the world were discussed during the seminar „The Future of Europe” organized on 6.10.2015 by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Vistula University.  The panel debate with distinguished experts -  Prof. Andrew Moravcsik, Paola Subacchi PhD,  Andrzej Olechowski PhD - was moderated by Bartlomiej Nowak  PhD.

Watch the recording kindly delivered by the Vistula University.

Image removed. Andrew Moravcsik

Professor of politics and Director of the European Union Program at Princeton University. He is one of the top scholars in International Relations and EU affairs, author of more than 125 publications. Prof. Moravcsik is regular commentator for Foreign Affairs, Newsweek International, Financial Times and New York Times. He is non-resident fellow of the Brookings Institution and currently senior fellow at the Transatlantic Academy in Washington D.C. 

Image removed.Paola Subacchi

Research director at the Royal Institute of International Affairs  (Chatham House, London).  Dr. Subacchi has written extensively on international economics and is visiting professor at the University of Bologna. She is BBC, Financial Times and Project Syndicate commentator and consultant to the Economist Intelligence Unit. 

Image removed.Andrzej Olechowski

A former Poland’s Minister of Foreign affairs (1993-95) and Minister of Finance (1992). He holds a PhD from economics and is distinguished professor at the Vistula University. Dr. Olechowski is a chairman of supervisory board of Bank Handlowy and member of the European Council of Foreign Relations. In 2000 he was a candidate for the post of president of Poland.

Image removed.Bartłomiej E. Nowak

Chair of International Relations Department at the Vistula University. Political scientist, he holds a PhD from economics and completed his executive studies at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Dr. Nowak was Transatlantic Academy fellow (Washington D.C. 2013-14) and Executive Director at the Center for International Relations (Warsaw, 2010-13).