Dossier European Union & Gender

On 1 May, 2014 Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia celebrated  the10th anniversary of their accession to the European Union. Despite severe changes within the EU and multiple crises  the majority of Poles, Czechs and Slovaks positively assess the European integration. Therefore, our office launched a project aimed at assessing 10 years of the Polish, Czech and Slovakian membership in the EU from a gender perspective. Gender experts from each country have explored to what extent hopes and expectations related to the European integration have been met and how the EU accession influenced the situation of women and men, as well as what contribution have  female MEPs from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia made in years 2004-2014.

Gender Democracy

The issues addressed by feminist movements are all political. Reproductive and sexual rights, violence against women, including sexual violence, sexism in media and advertisements, gender stereotypes, unpaid female work, trafficking of women, herstory – these are some of the topics and issues that appeared in public debate after 1989 thanks to feminists. Our analyses and publications, conferences and debates, develop and strengthen feminist discourse in Central and Eastern Europe.

Beijing + 20 - Dossier about actions for women's empowerment