Do Americans support NATO?


Talk Eastern Europe is a podcast dedicated to the debate on the problems facing the region of Central and Eastern Europe. It brings together experts from the region and discusses current events, politics, geopolitics, society and culture.

This text was conducted as part of the Transatlantic Media Fellowship program. Each year, the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw sponsors a select number of journalists for an independent, transatlantic trip to research stories relevant to the foundation’s work on climate & energy policy, democracy & human rights and foreign & security policy. Fellowships are selected annually and are open to journalists in any medium. Adam L. Reichardt, the Chef Editor of New Eastern Europe, is one of the three fellows in 2019 edition. During his fellowship, Adam investigated the social perception of the Russian interference in American democracy and the support for multilateral cooperation within NATO.

In the episode of Talk Eastern Europe Do Americans support NATO?, co-hosts Adam and Maciek delve into security-related issues in Central and Eastern Europe, with a particular focus on Poland’s view and its desire to increase American presence in the country.

Adam then interviews Ivo Daalder, President of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and former US ambassador to NATO.

In the interview they discuss issues like American support for NATO, the situation on the NATO’s eastern flank and the current deterrence strategy, hybrid defence, US-Russia relations and the 2020 presidential elections.


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