Paweł Zerka
Head of Research Foreign Policy and International Relations in WiseEuropa

Political scientist and economist. Expert in the area of foreign policy, with particular interest in international trade policy, transatlantic relations and Latin American affairs. Leader of several international research projects, dedicated inter alia to natural resources management in Poland and other European countries (“Citizens rich in resources”, 2015), contemporary political and economic relations between the EU and Latin America (“The political economy of EU-LAC relations after the 2008 economic crisis”, 2014), and foreign policy globalization of Poland, Spain and Sweden (“How does ‘going global’ come about?”, 2014). Holds PhD in Economy from Warsaw School of Economics (2016) and MA in international affairs from Warsaw School of Economics (2009). Previously, he studied also at SciencesPo Bordeaux (France) and at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Graduate of a one-year human rights workshop run by Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Warsaw. Frequent moderator of expert debates and TV/radio pundit. Author of expert commentaries published by Gazeta Wyborcza daily, Forbes Poland online, Kultura Liberalna weekly and El País daily, among others. Runs a private expert blog „Notes from Bogota” (, in Polish only) dedicated to the political and economic affairs of Latin America.