The Impact of Covid-19 on Ukrainian Women Migrants in Poland

The Impact of Covid-19 on Ukrainian Women Migrants in Poland

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A Report by the 'Nasz Wybór Foundation' published in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw documents how COVID-19 and measures introduced by the state administration to limit its spread have affected migrant women from Ukraine. The authors and contributors analyse how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected a number of key problems faced by Ukrainian migrant women in Poland. It also includes a list of actions that, according to the authors of the report, should be taken by the state, selected institutions and social organisations.

The research shows that the pandemic exacerbated the old problems of Ukrainian migrant women in Poland. As a result, COVID-19 intensified the occurrence of cross inequalities among this group. The pandemic has shown the work of Ukrainian women in Poland in a different light. New risks and the nature of migrant women's responsibilities, especially those working in the care sector, showed the value of their work for society.

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February 2021
Fundacja "Nasz Wybór", Fundacja im. Heinricha Bölla w Warszawie
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Table of contents

Executive Summary 04
Introduction 06
Political Context 06
Methodology 07
Statistics 08
1. Legalisation and Lockdown 11
2. Precarious Sectors in Economic Downturn 14
3. Uncertain Entrepreneurs 17
4. Domestic Work and Care 20
5. Home Schooling and Housework 23
6. Social Integration 26
7. Health Care 29
8. Domestic Violence 31
9. Migrant Workers vs. Key Workers 34
Main Conclusions / Call for Action 36
Appendix 1. List of Interviewees - 37
Ukrainian Migrant Women
Appendix 2. List of Interviewed Experts 37
Bibliography 38
Fundacja "Nasz Wybór"/Foundation “Our Choice” 41
Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw 42
Authors 43