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The Great Extinction, the Green Wave and the Polish case


For five years,  a great festival of green politics has been taking place in Poland every mid-July, the Green Summer University is organised by the Green Zone Foundation in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw and the Green European Foundation (GEF). Every year, activists, experts and politicians from Poland and abroad come together to discuss the most important challenges of green policy in the face of a multidimensional ecological crisis.

By Gert Röhrborn

2019 Cohort of Transatlantic Media Fellows

We are excited to announce our selection of Transatlantic Media Fellows for 2019.

Within the framework of the Transatlantic Media Fellowships we cooperate with our Office in Washington, DC. As a part of the programme, we support committed journalism by offering stipend for journalists for a travel to the United States to research stories relevant to the foundation’s work on climate and energy policy, democracy and social policy, or foreign and security policy.

Free media, free people. The fight against disinformation as a global challenge

Disinformation, manipulations, political smear campaigns and a rising pressure on journalists, sometimes even leading to physical attacks  – these are all dangerous phenomena which have become all too painfully known to us during the last years. They pose a direct threat to free journalism, at the same time challenging the very integrity of democratic processes and societies. 

By Gert Röhrborn, Kevin Skrzypczak

Politics of protest. Understanding political protest in Central Europe

The project organized in cooperation with Collegium Civitas examines recent popular protest movements in Central European countries. Six expert seminars serve to examine recent protests in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania. Invited country experts will discuss the political background, sociological causes and motivations of protests as well as organizational forms of current mobilizations. The case studies will help us to develop a common analytical framework for understanding political protest in the region. Project description.


A Local Turn for European Refugee Politics


In this policy paper “A Local Turn for European Refugee Politics” the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung puts forward proposals for a more active role of the municipalities in refugee and asylum policy.

Safeguarding Democracy in the European Union

Publication Series on Europe – Volume 9:

Liberal democracies are under pressure, both worldwide and in Europe. For example, in Hungary and Poland, farright nationalist to nationalistic parties are in government and propagate an ‘illiberal’ democracy. The dismantling of democracy in an EU member state is not a national problem – it is a European one. The study makes clear the dilemma in which the EU finds itself and what possibilities for action are available to it.

Society & Participation

Our intellectual patron, Heinrich Böll, used to say: “Meddling is the only way to stay realistic”. In keeping with this motto, we support different forms of active civic participation in social life and the struggle for a democratic and friendly world. We particularly care for urban movements, digital rights and freedoms, as well as the development of green political power in Poland and the region.